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I learn about the shitty practices of Locks of Love the more I am glad I have never donated my hair to them (and I have donated numerously for years to Wigs for Kids). 

At least with them, I have known someone who worked behind the scenes and could assure me they didn’t charge the kids 1,000 bucks for a fucking wig they tout to the public as ~free~ wigs for kids. 


And now Kararikue tells me about how they don’t make wigs for boys or anyone who is amab

I swear, not every organization/non profit is wonderful / excels at not being shitty. 

It’s important to look beyond what is most popular/advertised. Especially when it comes to charity and non-profit. 

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    Wish I knew earlier… #TanyaJoshi
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    Yeeeah I used to donate my hair to them when I needed a haircut. Never again. -_-
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    Not-For-Profit organizations are especially prone to corruption because they show no bottom line.
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    Reblogging to keep this in mind.
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    Damn, didn’t know that, either - in 2007 I cut off 18” of my hair and I donated it to them :/ I mean, I had good...
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    Did not know this!! But glad I didn’t donate to them now either…