Bay Area Folks Listen Up! 

Want fresh, pesticide free, local produce at amazing prices? Check out Lopez Farms. 

Lopez Farms is Latin@ owned and operated. They do not have a website or contact information but hopefully this gets circulated enough for local bay area folks to get to know them and support this family and their work.

You can catch them at local farmer’s market including every Saturday from 10-2 (rain or shine) in San Leandro’s Bayfair farmer’s market. They are usually near the end of the second line of stands and are easy to spot by their large banner and sweet Latin@ folks working the stand. 

They are pesticide free and their prices are by far the lowest I have ever seen in all of the bay area farmer’s markets I have been to for the quality, care and healthy produce they offer. 

They do not have any internet presence or contact information so, please reblog this to spread this wonderful family’s living far and wide so that bay area folks will know of them.

California has one of the largest percentage of family owned farms and most are under 500 acres (source). Lopez Farms is no different and in their area they are one of only 9% family owned farms (the rest are not family owned). 

Their prices are by far competitive: large kale bunches for one dollar, beets 2 dollars per bunch, red onions 2 a pound and so on.

Support local family owned farms and get yourself pesticide free fresh produce; you can’t go wrong.