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nudiemuse replied to your post: Replies:

What about preparing toppings for GF pasta so you can defrost/heat those and still have your fresh GF pasta.

Gracias for the suggestion! :) This is a damn good idea. Whats weird is i’ve gotten used to no pasta @ all now and not to be rude to the GF pasta gods but most GF pasta tastes so off to me and really chewy in a weird ass way. except this one corn quinoa one and i don’t wanna support quinoa anything

  1. warblingbear said: Why not support quinoa out of curiosity if you feel like answering?
  2. bluebirdskies said: Not necessarily for GF pasta, but pesto freezes really well in ice cube trays. Stir fry some sliced veggies with a cube or two & it makes a pretty satisfying fresh meal w minimal standing and prep. I also freeze fruit for when I cant go get fresh
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    This is a good idea too. I eat a lot of stuff w/rice or corn tortillas because a)cheap b)gluten free. I just can’t even...
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    You can also make toppings or sauces that are good on rice. When I’ve been really broke stuff like that has saved my...
  5. tofuboots said: You ever use spaghetti squash for “noodles”? I wonder if you can freeze that. If possible you could like bake a few at a time and then carve out the stringy bits and freeze that all in bulk so you don’t have to do all the hard stuff later.