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deafmuslimpunx answered: you can freeze more Indian daal (lentil) dishes, my mum does it all the time… do u eat meat? Try kheema and u can freeze it after cooking
Thank you! I’m learning to make more indian dishes and thanks to darkjez I have a really bad ass website now with videos :D I will try and make kheema & I love most daal I’ve tried
vampirefinch said: I sometimes make big pots of rice and beans then freeze in baggies. When I reheat I put the rice in a microwavable bowl and sprinkle some water on it. Turns out fine.
This is a good idea gracias! I know I can always work with rice and beans :D Frijoooooles are the life force lol

quixxotica answered: grilled chicken, cubed. then steam it, veggies, and cayenne. great, quick meal.

Oooh thanks! This sounds easy enough mmm cayenne veg chicken 
feminist-fury answered: Pasta with tomato sauce and cucumbers. I know it refrigerates for a week and is fairly durable.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m gluten free so pasta isn’t really a possible for me. I’ve tried GF pasta’s and they reaaaaally don’t freeze well let alone when they get cold they turn real weird. 

  1. nudiemuse said: What about preparing toppings for GF pasta so you can defrost/heat those and still have your fresh GF pasta.
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