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But it’s SO beautiful! Look at that color!!! 

I feel like lying to myself and just going with it even though it’s patchy as fuck and cracks in to all the crevices in my lips :( 

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    Yes it is. It was also mentioned in the video as a dupe for that one awesome purple mac lipstick.
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    Sugar is that the one that looks kinda purple in ads? That one is on my list of ones to look at when I go to the drug...
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    Oh man, Va Va Violet totally stole my heart last year (I’m wearing it in my icon), and I went on the hunt for a dupe...
  4. aka14kgold said: Is there any way you could mash it up and add some stuff to up the quality?
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    I would super appreciate it! I saw a nice Maybelline black cherry but it’s still nowhere near this deep violet. Excited...