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  • Ma: I took a picture with two of my friends during the wedding and you know how they're REALLY light skinned?
  • Me: Yeah.
  • Ma: I saw the picture today.
  • Me: Okay. Was it nice?
  • Ma: I was in the middle and I looked just... so bronzed and... different.. than them.
  • Me: Is that a bad thing for you?
  • Ma: I just looked kind of burned you know?
  • Me: No ma. Your skin is brown. Even a lighter brown than me and there is nothing wrong with that.
  • *me raising my arm*
  • Me: Do you see this? I like my skin ma. I like that I'm brown; there is nothing wrong with being light brown or dark brown. You don't have to be as close to white as possible.
  • Ma: ..................
  • Me: .................
  • Ma: It just made me feel ugly.
  • Me: Ma, you're really beautiful.
  • Ma: You think so?
  • Me: I don't think it; I know it. Anyone who doesn't is an idiot.
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