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Y’all don’t know shit

And if I have one more person who wasn’t there on Saturday

Come and explain to me, a queer person of color

That queer POC were erased or silenced at SW NYC

I will quit the internet.

I’ve had it.

Kimberlynn and I were not even elected to speak at SW

Because we’re both queer people of color

But because we’re both really loud and angry. Those were our selling points.

There just so happens that

SW NYC organizers are comprised of

Many queer folks and POC

Who would not appreciate it

If you all kept erasing US

By speaking about our event, or its mishaps, like that sign

Without having actually been there

To hear us all speak.

I repeat

Y’all don’t know shit

And if you want to know more,

Either follow me on tumblr, check it out on youtube,

Or come to our meeting on October 13th

And find out for yourself.

Thank you.

From one non-black queer WOC to another. I am here to tell you that being a feminist or womanist/ radical WOC/ radical QPOC is more than your own experience. It means standing in solidarity and if that is your attempt, you are doing it wrong.

Do not ever tell women to STFU in order to get your point out about feeling silenced. When you use your identity as a QWOC as if it is the end all, it is beyond hurtful. You should know that we get STFU from the world entirely and we sure as hell don’t need to be doing that to one another.

You have to understand and accept that WOC/QPOC/POC are not a monolith.

You do not oppress & attempt to silence in order for your voice to come out clearer.

Because some of these women were not there at the march doesn’t automatically mean their voices should be disregarded.

And the sign that was being critiqued was so beyond racist that it had EVERY right to be critiqued, especially by black women.

After having seen some of the comments such as, “look at this in the perspective of a woman” as if to say black women are not women, for what other WOC would be called that slur? How can you completely disregard those points?

I have and will continue to stand in solidarity with the black women, WOC, QPOC, QWOC and allies who did call this out.

Do not take concise critique as a stone written hatred of ALL of Slutwalk and what its goal is.

Do not use tactics of an oppressor and attempt to silence the very people who are saying they feel silenced.

And yes, we have intersections but we are not all the same. I would suggest you take a step back and allow black WOC/MOC to discuss & critique issues that affect them. Because any time such a slur is used, it is not up to you or me or other non-black WOC/POC to speak for the people who it affects the most.

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